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Melting Story ''Don't Miss It''

Girl: happy birthday baby!
Boy: thank you baby!
Girl: I’ll be there in your house b4 7’oclock pm tonight.
Boy: promise?
Girl: Promise I will come baby. I love you so much… No matter what happen..

Boy: how sweet u are baby..I'll wait for u and i’ll cook for our dinner.

Girl: really?? Ok baby , i’ll promise I will come!!! Its ur special day so I want to be with u...

Boy is so excited while waiting to her gf..

Exactly 7’oclock in the evening when girl arrived..

Boy: baby i miss you! What took you so long?

Girl: traffic i’m sorry…. ( she hug him )

Boy: its ok baby… come on let's eat, i know your hungry…

They went to the dinning, they eat and talk together… when all light was's brown out!

Boy: wait baby I will just take a candle..

Girl: no baby..let me do that..where is the candle???

Boy: at the kabinet...

Girl went to the cabinet to take the candle…

Then the cellphone of the boy ring... It was the girls mom calling..

Boy: hello tita!

Mom: ( crying) iho!can u please come here in the hospital quickly

Boy: why???what happen??
Mom: my daughter is died….she was Hit by the car.while she was on her way going to your place…..

The boy was shocked and he saw the girl in the dark holding the candle with ligth and saying…

“Baby I never broke my promise, I went here..because I love u so much!!take care always baby”

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