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Loving story ...

Brother was shoked after listening
that his sis had lost her eyes n sheneed new heart to survive
Bro: There is no need of u to live
Sis: ├čro my eyes r gone, i'l die if i doest get a new
heart.. plz brohelp me :(
Bro: Plz see me last time m going to leave u, Dont
expect any help frm me
Sis: (crying) plz bro dont do dis!
Bro: (smiled) : forgive me!
After days d girl get new eyes n heart :)
Mom: Whr z ur bro?
Sis: I dont want to see him, he does't luv me!
Same day at home
DocTor: (Came wid a DEAD body)
ur bro had lost his life...he is died:)
Sis: (cried out ) howz this
happen !!
Dr: The eyes that makes ur of ur bro d heart that save ur life
is of ur bro :(
Sis:(Crying loudly) Y have u done this bro !!
Dr gave him a paper on which his brother wrote"I m AlwaYs with U
I was born onlY to protect U "
♥ A brother can lose everything for his sister....
Love you brother.......[ ♥]

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